For years, Huizhou Ocean Furniture Co., Ltd. has cooperated with well-known domestic and international design institutions for over one hundred international five-star hotels, top office buildings, high-end clubs, mansions and villas. We are a comprehensive fitments and movable furniture solution provider integrating design, R&D, manufacturing and sales, with its own brands Ocean Furniture, La Creation, Meus Nova and Perla. Our Branches are Shanghai Concon Decor Center, operating the global business, and Shenzhen Baohe Home Technology Co., Ltd., providing tailor-made furniture system of international standard for contemporary high-end mansions. We have 31 Offices in 24 countries, and run more than 100 exclusive stores in Europe, America, South Asia and China, marching towards the world following The B&R Initiative. In the future, we will supply products to a broader global market, serving our customers in every dimension.


In 2014, APEC Summit was held at the Water Cube

The 22nd APEC Summit was held in Beijing in mid-November 2014. As the permanent  venue for state banquet, all furniture, decorative lighting and Suzhou embroidery screens in the Water Cube were manufactured and installed by Huizhou Ocean Furniture Co., Ltd.  

We reached the strategic cooperation with Hans Thyge&Co.

In 2017, we reached the strategic cooperation with Hans Thyge & Co., an international design institution. 

The Headquarter of Ocean Furniture was relocated to Shenzhen

In 2019, we relocated our Headquarter to Shenzhen, and established Shenzhen Baohe Home Technology Co., Ltd.

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    BS OHSHA 18001:2007

    BS OHSHA 18001:2007